Allison Johnston and Mary Deupree are the principal designers and owners of Lander Lofton Interiors, a design firm based in Charleston, South Carolina.  The firm’s designs have been featured in national magazines, including Better Homes & Gardens and Cottage Style.

A native of Georgia, Allison is formally trained as a graphic designer, but she has transitioned her keen design eye mostly to interiors. After years of design experience, Allison’s effortlessly chic style tends toward classic and modern, often incorporating colorful textiles, earthy textures, and natural elements with a Bohemian allure.

Mary’s love for interior design began at an early age, tagging along to showrooms with her father, a retired furniture executive in her hometown of High Point, North Carolina. Mary actually holds a PhD in a field unrelated to interior design, but an inherent knack for combining patterns, textures, and colors led her to a career in interiors, where her education in history and extensive world travels well serve her clients. Mary has an affinity for thoughtfully layered spaces that incorporate antiques or cherished inherited pieces, but still feel fresh and functional.

Long sought after for advice on design decisions, Mary and Allison turned away from previous careers when requests from friends – and friends of friends – took on a life of their own. The duo opened Lander Lofton in 2015 and is joyously doing what they love to do while each raising two young daughters, along with their husbands.

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